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[AGA-Member] RE: Daphnia, Algae, and Plants

> [quote=""Kirsten Klinghammer"]Come to think of it, I've never seen daphnia recommended to clean up green
> water.  They do quite a creditable job on suspended algae, and as most
> people with planted tanks also have fish, the fish would be most pleased
> with the yummy swimming treats!  Actually, one would need to keep the
> daphnia from all getting eaten before the water is clear, but still, it
> seems an easier measure than many others to control green water.  The trick
> is finding the daphnia to begin with...


This is a Paul Krombholz trick... If you need to clean up green water in a tank that has fish in it, put the daphnia in a mesh breeders trapand point a powerhead (set on low, I'd presume) toward the net.  The daphnia will eat the greenwater as it passes through the net, and the daphnia are protected from the fish! [Laughing] 


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