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Re: [AGA-Member] RE: Madagascar Lace plant

I bought a Madagascar Lace plant two years ago at Petsmart and it's been 
growing like a strong weed ever since. Puts up flowers all the time. It's in 
an area of the tank where no other plant roots are around the bulb. The 
single bulb is now 4-5 bulbs.

A couple things I do that most people don't do are actinic lights in 
addition to metal halide (150 watt 6500K), and a .10% (1000 ppm) sodium 
chloride level.

I've since decided to try stopping the sodium chloride. I do a 40% weekly 
water change and replace with RO/DI water and reconstitute. So I've simply 
stopped adding the salt. It's three weeks now, salt level is down to 
.01-.02%, and the lace plant doesn't seem to be responding too well. I'm not 
sure if this is attributable to osmotic shock (due to the change in specific 
gravity) or if the plant simply grows best in estuaries were salinity levels 
are in the .10% range. I know Kasselmann says she only observed the plant 
growing in freshwater forest streams and rivers among calcium carbonate 
rocks, but also in a lot of other different areas. Her maximum TDS readings 
were 500 ppm.

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> How do you know which plants are good companions for which plants. Tell me
> more, tell me more...... Paula

I have not done any systematic study of which plants make good companion 
plants for the lace plant.  They shouldn't be tall plants that compete with 
the lace plant for light.  Other than that, as far as I know, any plant 
would work.  I have only a vague hypothesis that the roots of the companion 
plant somehow help the lace plant.

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