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Re: [AGA-Member] RE: Madagascar Lace plant

I definitely agree with discussion and such, as long as you stick to posting 
the facts of your experience, or clearly precede any guesses or opinions 
with a clear statement saying you are only guessing. Too many times I see 
posts from someone who says, "Has anyone tried this?" with a lot of "Sounds 
like snake oil to me!" responses.

Keep in mind if companies sued and won every time someone said something 
negative about their products, then product reviews in books, magazines, 
newspapers, and web sites would basically be illegal, which is 
unconstitutional in the USA.

I would instead recommend that CCAC make a forum called "product reviews" 
and move all threads discussing the validity / performance / etc. of 
commercial products there.

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I don't want to be a downer about sharing information - but recently the 
Circle City Aquarium Club had to make it's forum private because some of our 
members got in trouble for saying negative things about distributors and 
manufacturers, etc.

Even saying "yeah, me too" was enough to get one of our members sued - 
though he got out of it quickly enough and wasn't held accountable.   (NOTE: 
I was not an active member of the CCAC when this happened, I just heard 
about it second hand)

I'm not sure where to draw the line though.  I think discussions like pros 
and cons of certain methods and products are good, but it might be worth 
looking into what exactly is considered libel or slander when we start to 
discuss experiences with particular manufacturers.

Bummer, isn't it?

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