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[AGA-Member] RE: Lighting

Those little fans that one finds on some of the ready-made CFL hoods these days are chip fans; tubeaxial fans made and marketed for cooling computer chips (cpus, graphic processorsm, etc.). 

You can find them in the PC Cooling section of PC supply vendors. First look for the same diameter, then the same thickness. Next, look for the voltage and amperage ratings on the fan and replace with the same voltage and an amperage at least as high.

You can probalby repalce the fans for a couple bucks and just a few minutes work involving nothing more complicated than removing and inserting screws and disconnecting/connecting a couple wires.

On many of thse chip fans, you can peel the label off the hub to gain access to the bearing to apply a half drop or so of light weight oil (think sewing machine oil or 3-in-1). On some, you can pop off the rotor blades and gain access that way. But for the price, once you have the thing in your hands, it's easiest to just replace with a new fan.

good luck, good fun,

Scott H.

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