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[AGA-Member] RE: Lighting

Ah yes. The same thing that makes MHs so nice visually -- the concentrated point source of likght that yields the twinkly ripples in the water, the shimmering shafts of light, the distinctive shadows -- is what makes it difficult to apply to aquaria with rectangular footprints. The MH's beam casts circularly upon the floor. Fluorescents, otoh, were made for strecthing out ;-)

If you raise up the MH to reach farther to each side, muchmore of it overshoots the front and back of the tank -- a condition that might yield an intolerable level of glare for the human inhabitants in the room.

With a larger tank, on can put a series of MHs along the length and achieve something like a jolly seer, uh, I mean happy medium.


Scott H.

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