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[AGA-Member] RE: Madagascar Lace plant

lol. Excellent points and I'm glad Roger spelled them out. I'm laughing at myself because I hadn't really thought about dosing accuracy as the key issue with the refinement of fertilizers. I was actually focused on the idea of introducing unwanted contaminants to the aquarium.

I suppose that, as much as the accuracy/inaccuracy matters, the precisely correct dose - if there really were such a thing -- would depend on a wide variety of factors including species, the environmental conditions. I think successful gardeners aim for targets as general guidelines but use the results in plant response as the key indicator of "correct" dosing. I doubt that many successful gardeners focus on specific numbers any more than that.

I guess I'm uncertain that the notion of "10% incorrect dose" even applies to planted aquaria. -- it would be such an artificial and arbitrary thing. Otoh, "10% off target" is a simple arithmetic measure, albeit not very meaningful for aquatic gardening purposes for the reasons that Roger so nicely points out.


Scott H.

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