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[AGA-Member] RE: Lighting

I've seen combo MH / PC light fixtures that were GORGEOUS to look at, but the price was a bit steep for me.  I've also seen a 4 ft. fixture with 3 MHs and 4 VHO bulbs for saltwater that was quite lovely. 

As for the LEDs - I have a Orbital hood that has the LED moon lamps in it - 5 little blue LEDs that go on at night.  They are very pretty and really make the tank glow when the big lights are off.  It was worth the extra cost for these.  

Inland Aquatics in Terre Haute, IN uses light bulbs set on dimmers to dim and brighten based on the moon cycles and this is one of the factors that triggers coral and fish spawns.  The facility is amazing - check it out if you have a chance.  50,000 gallons of reef!  I have no clue if this would help plants or not, but moonlights sure are pretty.

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