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[AGA-Member] TAG 19-1 mailed

"The Aquatic Gardener" Volume 19 Number 1 has been mailed to all US members. US members should receive it within 14 days. Non-US copies are in transit to our international mailing company. They should get it within a few days, and once it leaves their facility it will take about 14 working days to reach our international members. I will update the AGA web site when I know more.

AGA News!
Bonito--A Paradise for Aquarists, Part 3 by Christel Kasselmann
Cryptocoryne a Lazy Man's Way by Ronald B. Finlayson, Sr.
Rotala ramosir by Cavan Allen
2005 AGA International Aquascaping Contest Winners
Cryptocoryne of the Nam Lik Watershed in Northwestern Laos by Troels Anderson, Ole Pederson, Claus Christensen, and Niels Jaconsen
ADA's International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2005 -- World Ranking Top 10
Cover photo is the 2005 AGA International Aquascaping Contest First Place Winner Aquatic Garden Small and Best of Show by Justin Law.

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