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[AGA-Member] Field Trip Question and offer to help

great news!! even if it is on the other side of the world from me!
Just a thought.  
For those of us who live in an area that has a world class public aquarium  
<grin> maybe have an alternative outing scheduled at the same time. 
Dont get me wrong, i may book an additional couple of days and include the  
aquarium in  one of them but living in the Boston area and having lived in  
Houston i would like to see something unique to the SF area/Northern CA coast  
great job on getting it done. i wish i could help with the event. i just  
cant commit to a lot because of health reasons.  If you had a list of the  clubs 
(both fish and plant) and wanted someone to make a personal call to each  
president, (sell it, send, get/verify address, mail info packet i  would be happy 
to do so and i would foot the bill on the phones charges as well  as some of 
the postage costs, say the first $500.00. If the info was less than 2  oz. i 
could probably pay postage and envelope costs with that.
let me know
rich green
milton ma
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