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[AGA-Member] AGA Convention Update: Hotel Room deadline!

A message for some of the convention last-minute-registration straggler 
types (you know who you are!)...

The Sheraton website where you register for the hotel room notes that the 
rate is only guaranteed through September 9th.  That means you won't get 
the room at $99 per night, and the AGA won't get credit for you staying 
there (this turns out to be important with a small convention like ours).

So if you've put it off until now, please go and register today.  At least 
go get your hotel room taken care of. :)

If this is the first e-mail you've gotten about our convention, it's 
November 10-12, 2006 in San Francisco.  We've got a great line-up of seven 
speakers, including Dr. Ole Pedersen speaking on submersed culture, Troels 
Andersen of Tropica presenting aquascapes in nature all over the world 
from Greenland to Australia, Dr. George Batten of Seachem (we don't know 
what he's talking on yet, but we're sure it involves water chemistry), 
Eric Do covering freshwater invertebrates, Ricky Cain (with Luis Navarro) 
giving an aquascaping workshop, and AGA's own Dorothy Reimer demonstrating 
her gardening methods that she's been using before many of us were born.

We've also got a field trip on Friday to the Monterey Bay Aquarium that's 
almost sold out but has a few spots left.  There's a banquet on Saturday 
that, in addition to our awards ceremony, will pit three people against 
each other in the first-ever Iron Aquascaper challenge.  Finally, on 
Sunday we've got an all-day aquatic plant auction.  Anyone may show up to 
buy stuff at the auction.  But if you're a convention attendee, you may 
also bring plants and plant-related items to sell.

Hope to see you there!

   - Erik
     AGA prez &c.

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com
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