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Re: [AGA-Member] AGA-Member Digest, Vol 25, Issue 3

Does anybody know if you can get the $99 rate for days outside of the 
convention date range?

I went to the on-line booking tool and it appears that they have a set block 
of days with the $99 rate but outside of those date ranges the rate would be 
about double.

Has anybody else ran into this?



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>   1. AGA Convention Update:  Hotel Room deadline! (Erik Olson)
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> Subject: [AGA-Member] AGA Convention Update:  Hotel Room deadline!
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> A message for some of the convention last-minute-registration straggler
> types (you know who you are!)...
> The Sheraton website where you register for the hotel room notes that the
> rate is only guaranteed through September 9th.  That means you won't get
> the room at $99 per night, and the AGA won't get credit for you staying
> there (this turns out to be important with a small convention like ours).
> So if you've put it off until now, please go and register today.  At least
> go get your hotel room taken care of. :)
> If this is the first e-mail you've gotten about our convention, it's
> November 10-12, 2006 in San Francisco.  We've got a great line-up of seven
> speakers, including Dr. Ole Pedersen speaking on submersed culture, Troels
> Andersen of Tropica presenting aquascapes in nature all over the world
> from Greenland to Australia, Dr. George Batten of Seachem (we don't know
> what he's talking on yet, but we're sure it involves water chemistry),
> Eric Do covering freshwater invertebrates, Ricky Cain (with Luis Navarro)
> giving an aquascaping workshop, and AGA's own Dorothy Reimer demonstrating
> her gardening methods that she's been using before many of us were born.
> We've also got a field trip on Friday to the Monterey Bay Aquarium that's
> almost sold out but has a few spots left.  There's a banquet on Saturday
> that, in addition to our awards ceremony, will pit three people against
> each other in the first-ever Iron Aquascaper challenge.  Finally, on
> Sunday we've got an all-day aquatic plant auction.  Anyone may show up to
> buy stuff at the auction.  But if you're a convention attendee, you may
> also bring plants and plant-related items to sell.
> Hope to see you there!
>   - Erik
>     AGA prez &c.
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> Erik Olson
> erik at thekrib dot com
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