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Re: [AGA-Member] Request regarding Tropica for AGA 2006

To "Someone on the Forum"

Subject: [AGA-Member]  Request regarding Tropica for AGA 2006 (Saturday October 21 2006)

It is still Tropica's and my "philosophy" that "the hobbyist should always know what and how much they are dosing" - It is not only a "philosophy" - We do it!

In the box of every product there is a full declaration on paper!
If you have the product, please look one time more in the box ;)
It is even open for everybody on our internet page
You can in the right side find a link to the "directions" for each product including the Declaration! for example:

Tropica AquaCare PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid - waterplant fertilisation
W/W% (Gew./Gew.%, P/P%):
N 1.34%, P 0.10%, K 1.03%, Mg 0,39%, S 0.91%, B 0.004%,
Cu 0.006%, Fe 0.07%, Mn 0.04%, Mo 0.002%, Zn 0.002%.
Min. temp. 5° C
Ver. 3.0
250 ml = 260 g
500 ml = 520 g


We do even bring a link to our "AquaCare dealer guide"

We guarantee that an independent company analyses each batch of the Aquacare liquid products

It is also the normal practice for Tropica to reply on mails from everybody!
But we are receiving a lot of emails, and it can take a time to find the time to provide a full reply! 

If you mail me your name and email address I will search our email system for your email, and perhaps I will be able to send the reply to you again!

Also at the next AGA convention, Tropica will have reps! Troels Andersen and Ole Pedersen will participate. They will be able to reply on further questions!
This year I will not be able to participate, while I am going to Madagascar for study the natural biotopes for Aponogeton.

Best regards

Claus Christensen
Tropica Aquarium Plants

> This is actually a bit unlike Tropica. They used to be big on touting a 
> philosophy of "the hobbyist should always know what and how much they are 
> dosing" with Tropica Master Grow. The new Aquacare products do not come 
> with any analysis of what's in them.

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