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[AGA-Member] RE: Request regarding Tropica for AGA 2006

Hi Tom 

Yes we are also shipping the two liquid fertilizers:
Tropica AquaCare PLANT NUTRITION liquid and
Tropica AquaCare PLANT NUTRITION+ liquid
In 5 liter jugs!

I am sad about, not participating at the AGA Convention this time â?? but so is it!
I still remember the good discussion we did have, when I visited SF last time in 2000!
I specially remember the discussion we had about the principle behind the old Tropica Master grow! The principle of dosing higher and do high and regular water changes (TMQ dynamic flow principle)! 
At this time there were only few people that had planted tanks with a lot of plant and few fishes. I was afraid of using N and P in the normal fertilizer and we talked about a special fertilizer for specialists.
(Perhaps somebody still have the video from my speech and the discussion after â?? it could be funny to see 6 years after!)
I think this discussion was a part of your further development; witch resulted in your Estimated Index (EI).
You see that Tropica first this year tog the consequence of that discussion and finished the development of the new line of fertilizers!

I am jealous on the side trip Troels and Ole are going to have with you! But happy that you make this possible for them!
I hope that we some day will go the clear water rivers in Florida instead!

Best Regards

Claus Christensen
Tropica Aquarium Plants - Denmark

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