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[AGA-Member] Get Listed! AGA Membership Directory

Dear Aquatic Gardeners Association Member:

The AGA will publish an AGA Member Directory this year! We know you'll 
want to be included in this first-ever directory of planted tank 
enthusiasts! This is NOT an online directory. It is a physical, printed 
booklet to be mailed to AGA members.

There are only **days** left to register your preference!   Do it now!

As was published in TAG 20-2, the deadline is fast approaching to get 
listed in the AGA Member directory. This new
directory, available this fall, will list all your fellow plant-head 
friends and colleagues. We hope our directory will help members to
locate AGAers in their area, create/expand their local clubs, as well as 
find friends and stores to visit while traveling.

Please register your contact preferences at: 

You may choose one of the following:
No Listing
Name, City State & Country, E-mail
Name, Complete Address
Name, Complete Address & E-mail

There will also be lines for your plant-related web site and local 
aquarium club affiliations.

And as always, if you have moved or changed e-mail addresses, please 
write to us, whether you want it included in the directory or not.
You must respond by August 15, 2007 to be included in the directory.

Questions or Requests? E-mail membership@aquatic-gardeners.org!


Cheryl Rogers, Membership Chair
Aquatic Gardeners Association
PO Box 51536
Denton, TX  76206
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