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[AGA-Member] RE: disinfecting wild aquarium plants

i just bought some Permoxyn & want to make sure it won't melt or bleach out or otherwise hurt my plants.
I have some Hygrophila polysperma, which is supposed to grow like weeds, but i find it (in my tank) to be rather delicate in general, plus the tank i want to use it in, has Vals. this tank hasn't been inhabited by fish in awhile, it's just FULL of TINY worm things and crab-ish things and a few odd small snails (with a boxy type shell) I'd love to rid the tanks of these animals, do a huge water change and add fish, just want to make sure the Permoxyn will be ok.

Anyone use this stuff recently? (I did use it in a tank with Goldfish and Java Ferns, the Goldfish were VERY unhappy with it, so I only left it in there for 5 minutes.)

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