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[AGA-Member] RE: disinfecting wild aquarium plants

> this tank hasn't been inhabited by fish in awhile, it's just FULL of TINY worm things and crab-ish things and a few odd small snails (with a boxy type shell) I'd love to rid the tanks of these animals, do a huge water change and add fish, just want to make sure the Permoxyn will be ok.

The microfauna in an an aquarium are generally harmless and often good food for fish. I'd leave them there for the fish to eat when reintroduced. If you want to reduce the numbers of the little critters, a good gravel vacuuming should do it.

I'm curious what the little "crab-ish" things might be. I can't think of any freshwater critter that looks crab like. Did you mean shrimplike? If so, they are probably scuds-- Gammarus spp. or Hyalella spp. They are harmless, good scavengers, and fish love to eat them.

Mike Wickham

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