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[AGA-Member] RE: 1600 Gallon planted tank

Well, this client had 30 some tanks all over, it was a mess.
So we condense it into a single large tank.
Well, then he is now redoing the "office" tank, 8" ft 30" x 36"starfire tempered 1" glass. Lemar broke it 2x so far trying to deilver it.

So there's yet another scape I'll be doign for him. I'm going to get some really aged old mnzanita in the sierra foothils about 1 hour from here for that tank.

I like all the same type of wood.
We are using black flourite for the 450 Gal, he's just using 4 large Ehiems and 4 AM reactors for CO2 etc. Light is relatively low, T8 modified, but with excellent color that he likes.

We have a large source of plants to attach to wood for the 450 Gallon tank now though!!!

He's not going to get any work done at the office now though.

I warned him. 
Yes, my 180 seems tiny and the wood is also tiny.

The largest piece in the 1600 gal was 350 lbs and took 4 people my size to get it in and then about 4 hours to set. We where worried for 6 months after.

Tom Barr


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