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Re: [AGA-Member] 1600 Gallon planted tank

I can only close my eyes and dream about something like that. IS it free standing in the middle of the room or setup in some special manner. Also can you take some pics of the workings. So when I hit the lottery I will give you a call to create a tank or give me some pointers on creating something like that.
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  More ice storms in Hell:

  And a full shot, the prior shots are all taken on the fly in between hopping in and out of the tank.

  I think you get a bit more of the prespective this way with a few shots vs just the full frontal. Angels have been breeding in here for about 1.5 years now almost every 2 weeks.

  This tank has more monitoring and high tech gadgets than any I've ever seen. The mass flow controller for measuring CO2 use and a CO2 partial pressure meter are two such items.

  Tom Barr


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