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Re: A. sp. Wangenflecken??

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Mike & Diane Wise wrote:

> I couldn't put it better than Z-Man did. Large chain stores are more prone to
> using the names that arrive on their invoice. Sometimes the ma&pa stores (and
> even chain stores with exceptional managers) will take the time to ID their fish
> to the best of their ability, but how many apisto ID experts do you know out
> there who are running a store?

Kathy and I encountered an interesting take on this at our local "good"
store, (The Fish Store, Seattle).  From what I can remember of the
conversation, one of our friends who works there said that they *always*
label the tanks with how the bags were labeled, even if it's patently
obvious that it's a different fish (for instance very much not-aggies
labeled as such).  This way they can always rely on the "that's what they
were shipped to us as" line.  A few times they've changed the ID after
Kathy's sat in front of the tank for 15 minutes with the Aqualog, but
that's the exception... 

  - Erik

(Hey, if the stores all labeled them correctly, where'd be the fun in
figuring out the gems they were selling for $3 a pop...)

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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