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re: Re: ...no subject...

Hi Don,

In the room where my tank is standing there's absolutely no light during the 
night. But early in the morning (still dark outside) and hours before my 
aquarium lights are switched on I open my "window-protection" (sorry, don't 
know the English word for that) so that the shock from dark to light is not 
to sudden. So I must stress that (to my surprise) my fish really spawned in 
absolute darkness!
Reacting to the issue of the colour of eggs. The previous eggs of this couple 
were coral-red and fertile (I had the luck to see some of the fry for a short 
time before the last ones were eaten by the male), the eggs my fish have now 
look more pink but they look fertile because they tend to become a bit darker 
after three days and there are no fungi. I hope that my male leaves me some 
eggs so that I can see if these eggs were also fertile. The difference in 
colour is really striking and can not depend of the food because this didn't 
change too much in this three weeks. Can the spot were they put there eggs 
make a difference for the colour?


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