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Re: A. sp. Wangenflecken??

Hello Mike
I agree there are dangers to other people finding the bargains in any
type of fish, reproducing it and trying to sell it.   Well I would hope
that anyone who was into apistos enough to want to spawn them, become
members of either the ACA or ASG or both, would have enough ware with
all to be knowledgable enough to know what they were selling.   

Yes I have gone to auctions ( larger ones where it was hard to see
everything there ) and bid on pairs of apistos and gotten them thinking
I was bidding on something else.   Recently I bid on a breeding trio of
what the auctioneer said were FO Apistogramma Commbrae.   Well when they
got home and were tanked, lo and behold I had ANOTHER trio of sp Puerto
Narino (or which ever name you choose to call this species).   They
happen to be very nice fish but not Commbrae which I've never kept.
But even when I get another pair of Aggies or Borellis misID'ed at some
auction, I never have a problem finding a home for them if I choose not
to keep them.   

So I keep searching the shops for those bargains.

John Wubbolt

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