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Re: commbrae/inconspicua/linkei

Mike & Diane Wise wrote:
> Gary & everyone else,
> Every time you try to ID an apisto please repeat: "Color is not used in IDing
> apistos, color is not used in IDing apistos, color is not used in IDing apistos,

Hey Mike, 
That's colour with a "u" up here. 
My problem is the lack of black. The fish is clear blue, with an accent
on the first adjective. Even stressed, he stays poorly marked. I took
the caudal spot as a given.
The photos, other than Linke's, are of strongly marked fish, where this
lad seems as inclined to pop stripes as a borellii. However, going from
the lateral line, some faint striation on the belly and the description
of caudal shape/markings and body size, I'm most likely looking at
The photos in the various books are not very helpful. I started looking
at tail shape, as it did differ slightly in some books, then began to
doubt the photos. It would be good if we had a central bank of info like
the descriptions Mike has posted here. This is the first time I've tried
to differentiate between such similar fish using Aqualog, Linke and
Shaefer. They'll give you a general idea, but it's not good once things
get dodgy. 
Can one reprint a description on a website - ie, is such scientific
information public domain or copyright? What is the convention? I'd
happily type summary of description type stuff like that in for the ASG
site, if it were kosher.

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