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Re: Mike Wise writing a book?

> please, vinny... mike's gonna tell you he's too busy with a wife, kids, a
house... i tell you, he's got all his priorities screwed up... :-)
> for god's sake, he's got empty tanks at home!!!!!!
> tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

He's gotta spend an hour a day answering all our danged questions...cut back
to half hour and write the book with the other half.  If you've been on the
list for more than a year, you notice that the questions kinda repeat.  Then
all he has to say is "Read the book!"  Simple.  Mike, it'll be a labor of


PS: Romer's got a wife, house, job etc.  Koslowski must too.  Heck, being
busy is a prerequisite!

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