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Re: Red Wrigglers... (was Live Black worms and other cultures...)


How much do you feed your earthworm culture?  And, what kind of a medium do 
you keep them in to start out?


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From: "Cory and Susanne Williamson" <webwill@infinet.net>

I do the same thing- I chop the worms whole- straight out of the compost box
(a 20 gal Rubbermaid bin in the kitchen) and then feed them to the fish- I
remove most of the soil off the worms, but I don't get too picky out it. I
figure that the gut load of the worms is good for the fish (i.e.. extra
nutrients and vitamins etc.) When the fish get worms for more than a few
days in a row they seems to spawn almost on command. My butterfly rams spawn
like clockwork (every one or two weeks) when they get worms as a supplement
to spirulina flake and bloodworms. Red earthworms (red wrigglers) are the
easiest live food I have used yet. The great thing about them is that they
are not messy like you would expect from chopping them up- all the blood and
goo from chopping coagulates with their body slime and the food is actually
quite clean and is eaten up readily(provided you don't overfeed). You can
even freeze it and it still holds together.  Oh- like Gabriella said house
and patio
pot  plants love the stuff.

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From: gkadar <gkadar@idirect.ca>

 > My fish absolutely love the red wriggler worms.  The bigger cichlids eat
 > them whole, the smaller ones, get them cut up. That's a gross job, but a
 > sharp pair of scissors does the trick.
 > I agree with the statement that they are safe seeing as how I know what
 > are getting in their diet.  It's marvellous because they eat all the 
 > mouldy bread, veggie peelings, chopped up plain corrugated cardboard and
 > every so often I add crushed egg shells to keep the pH from going to
 > 3 times a year I separate the worms from their castings and use those for
 > house plants.  It's a really great way to recycle, reuse and have healthy
 > fish. :)
 > Gabriella

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