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Re: Mike Wise writing a book?

Now don't believe that I'm trying to jump on the _Convince Mike to Write a Book_ bandwagon, but....

>>if you can't get photos of every species, have a good selection of photos without trying to do them all. <<

If there's one thing I've learned from you, Mike, is that coloration has no bearing on proper Apisto Identification.  Hence, line drawings with critical identification points highlighted would actually be more benificial to the hobby than a pretty picture.  And if the book were organized with a key, a graphical branching identification system, then it would become indispensable to the hobbiests.  The key would start with the main identification points and say if the caudal tail is round, then go to page X, etc.  I use these kinds of books with the Boy Scouts on _nature_ hikes and find then more valuable than any other field book.

>>Then again,maybe it could be an updateable Web site instead of a book.<<

Such a production wouldn't have to be huge, glossy production.  You could produce a low-tech pamphlet with funds from advanced orders.  I'm sure there would be enough folks on this list that would pony up a some bucks for such a product.  Also, I've been a big promoter of a subscription book on CD-ROM.  For an annual fee, the buyer gets a new CD with updated information.  If it's all done electronically, such as a word prosessor publishing to a series of Acrobat PDF files, on-going maintenance and updates are not difficult to keep up with.  

Interim updated could be published on a web site so folks would always have the latest and greatest.  Then these files migrate to the new CD that's sent out.  The web site would have to be secure because it would only contain a small portion of the species and it would change annually as the CD is updated and the related web pages removed.  The web site would also serve as a sales tool for promoting and capturing sales.

*** off soap box ***

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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