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Rams: wild caught vs. tank bred.

Hello again to all

This is a bit of an add-on to Chad's question about interbreeding wilds and
tank breds.
I have two blue rams of which the male is the common variety and the female
is supposedly wild caught.
(At least that is what the manager of the LFS told me.) I've had them for
about a month now, the male is doing fine.
They are both in my 55g comm. with my A. cacas who regularily chase the rams
out of their "territory". Since being introduced into this environment the
female has never shown the absolutely beautiful colours she was sporting at
the store the day I purchased her. She won't drop her black markings, her
blue won't show and the typically distinct black spot is all mixed in with
the rest of the black/brown colouring on her sides. Also, she has two tiny
white spots on her caudal fin and what appears to be a very small whitish
growth on one of her pectorals.  Her demeanor seems normal, she eats well,
even fights Mr. Pl*co for the algae wafers. 

The fact that they may never breed is not my main concern in that I can't
even get a viable batch from my apistos. My question is how do I identify
these spots and if I can't do I quarantine her? Also, should I be
segregating her from the other more territorial fish in this tank? 
If I could find a suitable mate for her I would eventually like to try and
breed her but for now her health is my main concern.

Thanx in advance.

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