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Re: ACA Convention

Well I tried to follow Don ( Zman's ) advice and get my ACA room
reservation taken care of.   Too bad if you haven't done it already.
All rooms with 2 double beds are gone.  Only rooms with king size and
queen size beds are left available.   This makes it hard to share a room
and split the $100 a night costs.   Guess the ACA and  GLCA should have
gotten a larger hotel or one with more rooms available to the members.
When they are all booked 5 months in advance that kind of tells me they
didnt get a big enough hotel.   I know the ACA brings in hundreds of
people each year but this is nuts.  

Anyone who has a CONFIRMED room reservation and needs to split the room
with someone, email me.   Bigjohnw@webtv.net
I'm looking to share a room with someone.  Otherwise i'll be staying in
a different hotel along with alot of other people I imagine.   

Hope someone needs a roommate.   Male or female doesn't matter to me!!

John Wubbolt

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