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The Mike to right a book campaign and spin-offs

(And apologies if I've missed any of the draftees or volunteers).
While off-line over the weekend, I did a rough form and function design on
putting the various information people suggested they would like to see. And
came up with a fact sheet format layout. 

This may appear the best way to proceed, as the format does not place any
expected quantity on the text that is required, as anything from bullet
points to vernacular style should look acceptable to the look and feel. And
give a commonality to the end product, even if a number of authors
contribute across individual sections, or different species. Thus taking any
perceived pressure off Mike, of which I'm probably about the most guilty

I did a mock-up of the format in basic HTML, using tables, coloured text,
and thumbnailed images, to try and give an acceptable format with low
bandwidth overheads (the graphic elements could be further optimised). I
also used colours which would blend in with the ASG site, but changing this
to the Krib colours (or any other) is a minor issue.

I've included map in this which is a modified composite from a number of
sources, and as such has no relation to any traceable copyright. I will do
some more work on to tidy it up a bit and include more rivers, if anyone
wants to proceed with this format or if anyone has any other use for it.

If any of you wish to see this mock-up, give me a return e-mail (apologies
to copyright holders on the images - but it is a mock-up;-)). I've put this
together in a self extracting zip file which comes in at 388kb, which should
be ok for those on win 95 upwards, or for those of you not operating under
32bit windows I can e-mail you the individual HTML files.

Scot Gillespie
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