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Re: Bay Area Contingent

Glad you made it to Justin's. I won't start a new thread about his place
(since I instigated the last one), but I must just add that I am so
impressed that he remembers out of which particular tank fish I have
purchased there have come (that is even for non-apisto types that he has
in multiple tanks). And his wife (I forgot her name, I am sorry) always
sends regards to my wife and daughter. Anyway, I am in the North Bay and
teach in the city. I have a mere five tanks (29, 20, 10, 10, and 5
gallon). DC are: A. uapesi (sp. rotkeil), A. aggassizi, A. veijita II,
and M. altispinosa. The A. veijita  and the altispinosa have not bred
(yet?). A small contingent, but space and time are limited. I am new to
this all too, and have ventured some pretty naive questions on the list,
but have found all to be very patient and incredibly helpful with a
noviciate like myself.


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