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J. floridae was Re: Algae eating livebearers

>>J. floridae ...  Unfortunately in the Toronto area it's difficult to find healthy fish of this species.  <<

Try subscribing and posting a message on one of the killie lists.  I'm sure you can find a source locally.

This moderated list is available in either individual message format or in a digest format. It was formed by the AKA because of the nasty, anti AKA flames that spammed the Killies List. There are quite a few good, experienced killie keepers on this list that refuse to participate on the other, so I subscribe to both. A real PITA but necessary. You can subscribe to either form on the AKA web site at http://www.aka.org/AKA/subkillietalk.html 
	"The Killietalk list is provided by the American Killifish Association, and hosted by Active Window Productions. The list is intended to provide a forum for discussion of all matters related to killifish, by beginners and experts alike. We hope that the list will act also as a help page for beginners. Membership in the list is open to all, whether members of the AKA or not. 

Killie Trader 
An internet email list sponsored by Jim Eller (jeller@ford.com ) exclusively for buying, selling or trading killifish. Jim set this list up as a way for folks to publicize available fish without cluttering up the other killie lists. This list is not to be used for general discussions on care, identification, etc. One or both of the killie lists mentioned above should address those topics. 
	" The Killie Trader Mailing list has over 290 people signed up and does not require the use of the Web. This list was started in Sept '98 and can be subscribed to by sending an email to killietrader-subscribe@listbot.com. This is a free service and does not require web access.
Go to the Killie Trader web site at http://www.angelfire.com/biz2/killietrader/ to join.

The killifish mailing list is the oldest tropical fish mailing list on the Internet and the focus here is "anything to do with killifish". "
	"The original killies list, founded in 1986. This list is intended to be used by people who enjoy, breed, study, or talk about killifish. About half of the members of the list are active killifish keepers." You can join it by sending a request to its moderator, Brian Reid, at killies-request@mejac.palo-alto.ca.us or visit the web site at http://lists.killi.net/killies/ The web site is the easiest way to subscribe and unsubscribe.

Bill Vannerson

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