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Needs advice for a new species...


I have now A. cacatuoides in a 10 gallon tank, but now I`m starting a 15
gallon tank too:)
I have been told that the male A. cacatuoides have to be moved, and that
I`ve experienced myself after the female killed my male after a failed
spawning, and she died herself two days later:(
So, I`m now going to move the new male to the new tank when they have spawned.
But, I also want to have another species of Apistogramma in my new tank, so
I need some advice for a new species. It needs to prefer the same
water-values as A. cacatuoides, since the male is going to be there now and
So, does anybody have some suggestions?
Since I`m pretty new to Apistos I need a species that is rather easy.
I have thought of A. borelli or A. agazissi.
And, I also needs to know what species that have harems and what species
that form pairs.

Frode Johansen, Norway.

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