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Re: Tampa Bay Aquarium Society Meeting Notice

well i have to admit, it does the same to me Eric.   I just wonder why
he's the only one on the list who won't give up his name?   I have no
problem signing my name to any post i make and it's surely easy enough
to figure my name out by my email address.    I'm also sure that
everyone on this list also belongs to an Aquarium Society, yet i don't
post my clubs meeting dates here, i do it on Fish Link Central.
I find that a more suitable place for such posts.
But if Mr Fish, whoever he is, wants to keep posting those things here,
i'll just keep deleting them.   I don't live in Tampa, have never been
to Tampa and most likely never going to make a meeting in Tampa, so what
goes on there doesn't effect me.   If this sounds harsh, Im sorry.

John Wubbolt

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