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about Rio Xie

Hi Mike, Scot,

Thank you for your quick replies.  I heard that Rio Xie is
one of the upper stream of Rio Negro.  Because I do not have
any detailed maps or reference books aound there, I cannot
conclude whether "Rio Xie" and "Rio Xingu" is identical or not.
However, since I have seen the fishes "A. elizabethae (Rio Xie)"
and "A. elizabethae (Rio Xingu)" in a same shop, I guess "Rio
Xie" and "Rio Xingu" is not identical.

Yamazaki Book (in Japan, it often called "pieces" book) is one
of the most popular references in Japan.  In that book, he says
"A. minkeny (spelling?) is the pertensis-like fish with anal spot・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹"
but it does not tell me more about this fish.  So A. sp. Rio Xie might
be closely allied to A. minkeny.  Anyway A. minkeny is also not so
popular in Japan.

Danny, Japan.

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