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Where to purchase wild rams?

Hello Everyone,

I'm usually a lurker and don't come on here very often (beginning 
apistophile), but I appreciate the valuable information that everyone 
provides on these little beauties.  Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows 
of a good place to purchase a bunch of wild rams.  I  have cleared up quite 
a bit of room and am ready to start breeding some wild rams.  I've never had 
luck keeping the domesticated fish as I can't seem to find good quality fish 
around town.  So, I'm looking to get some wild rams and give it a go.  I 
believe that they're better parents that the domestic ones anyhow.

On another note, I recently was able to get my hands on a trio of wild 
cactoides (sp.).  I think that they're still a little young, but they're 
already starting to do the displaying.  After three weeks of quarantine, 
they were moved into my 29G planted tank yesterday.  They like that 
environment much better and started establishing their own territories.  
Really cool fish.  I was wondering how large they have to get before they're 
sexually mature and what are some signs of breeding.  Does the female get 
the nice yellow color and will the male color up a bit more?  His colors are 
kind of drab, but that's to be expected from wild versus color breed fish.  
He's still pretty and has this nice bit of red in the dorsal fin that my 
wife loves.


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