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Re: Now my Kribs ate their babies! (was Re: My krib won't spawn)

Hi Kyle, John and the rest of you,

Thanks for being so encouraging! This is my first time with Kribs and so I'm a
bit unsure and not knowing what to expect, except that they're easy spawners and
great parents. The kribs that I have were bought just 6 weeks ago, and according
to the owner of the LFS, they  have just matured or near maturity and have not
spawned before. So, I guess they're still learning the ropes.

Talking about wild rams, I've just acquired a pair of rams, which are F1
generation of wildly caught rams. The owner claims that they have been raised by
their parents and have not been hormone treated. And they cost US $23 here in
Singapore, which is considered expensive (a normal tank raised ram cost about US
1.50 here). I'm going to try breeding them as well.



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