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Re: Evolutionary advantages

Has anyone tried taking some of the poor parents and putting them in a pond?
Now, I'm not suggesting taking anything too rare or expensive or demanding,
but a number of my friends up here in the north have successfully raised
other fishes in outdoor ponds (pacu, tetras, gouramis) over our woefully
short summer. If we think that the aquarium environment is simply too
artificial, with the clear walls ending abruptly and invisibly, and room
traffic + weird lighting and minimal space, perhaps a pond would be more
riverine. Hopefully it would be a fair sized pond. You could include
companion species that might be found in the wild. Of course, you would have
to place much in the way of faith, and hope no herons or kingfishers noticed

I realise that it would be insane to try and use RO or any such methods to
condition the water, but perhaps peat filtration and oak leaves on the
bottom of the pond might help - if required?

Sure wish I had a pond. And some recalitrant parents (all I have at the
moment are cacatuoides and njisseni who all act as pretty decent parents).

It would be a neat test.

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