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Fish Room

Can any of you recommend a good source of information on building fish
rooms?  My wife and I are moving into a new home at the end of the month and
my wife gave me the thumbs up on converting an area of the basement into a
fish room.  Any advice would be appreciated.

I am interested in information on RO units/water conditioning, Plexiglas
tank-bank systems, computer control and automation, filtration, rack
construction and general 'plumbing'.

I realize that this may be considered off-topic for this list.  However,
many of my concerns are related to maintaining my existing and future dwarf
cichlids.  The other fish have I have prove to be far less challenging to
maintain and breed (African cichlids mostly).  I am worried about
establishing an efficient way to soften and condition well water that is
relatively high pH and very high hardness.  I am currently having difficulty
dealing with these conditions on a small scale in our current home - trips
to the local grocery store for RO is the temporary solution until we get our
RO systems for the new house.

If this is considered to off-topic, please contact me off-list.  Thanks in

- Chad

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