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Re: Fish Room

Hi Chad!

That's good quesione! It's my mistakes (^^;). "Web Pages" is correct
in Japan, of course.  However, in Japan, "Web pages" is often represented
as "Home Pages"(it is one of the slung(?) or something, I guess) and
sometimesit is abbreviated as "HP"・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹Umm・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹・瘢雹this talk is not suitable
for this lists (^^;)


At 8:44 AM -0500 00.4.10, Chad Attlesey wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, do you refer to web pages as hypertext
> pages (HP) in Japan?  Thanks for the feedback.

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