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Re: C. Regani breathing heavy

In a message dated 4/12/00 11:05:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
jakeowen@earthlink.net writes:

    The problem is the female is breathing heavier than the male. (she was
 like this when I got her) Her gill covers seem to be opened up a bit. I
 do not see any damage, like inflamation or swelling.  The fish seem to
 be acting "normal". The female is displaying for the male, and the male
 chases her off. She is also chasing the curviceps around a little.
    Should I do anything for her? or just hope that my nice clean RO/DI
 water will bring her back around? I am afraid to use any medications or
 drugs, but if I must, I will.
 Any advice is always appreciated.
Sit back, hold your breath and don't do anything, have patience, I assume you 
would have noticed if her belly's pinkish.---D

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