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Re: C. Regani breathing heavy

You mention they are in a brand new set up.  Exactly how new is it?  What
filtration is in the tank and is it mature.  What is the temperature, pH
etc?  Medicating a tank or fish when you don't know what is wrong will do
more harm that good.
> I recently bought a pair of Crenicichla Regani's.
> They are in a brand new set up, a 30g tank with 6 silver tipped tetras,
> and a pair of curviceps. Flourite for gravel, lots of plants, and two
> large pieces of driftwood, and some rocks which I built caves with. I
> use straight RO/DI water, with trace elements addded.
> The problem is the female is breathing heavier than the male. (she was
> like this when I got her) Her gill covers seem to be opened up a bit. I
> do not see any damage, like inflamation or swelling.  The fish seem to
> be acting "normal". The female is displaying for the male, and the male
> chases her off. She is also chasing the curviceps around a little.
> Should I do anything for her? or just hope that my nice clean RO/DI
> water will bring her back around? I am afraid to use any medications or
> drugs, but if I must, I will.
> Any advice is always appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jay

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