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Re: C. Regani breathing heavy

Hi Helen,
I just set the tank up a few days ago. I have a Fluval 304. I took some
of the ceramic rings out of my older established Fluval 203, and put
them in the new one. I also use a sponge as an intake strainer, and I
put the sponge from my older tank on the new one. I also added some
Cycle which is supposed to be bacteria in a bottle.
Using all Tetra test kits, except for the PH which is a Pinpoint PH
monitor, water condions are;
Temp. - 80 f
Ph - 6.7
Kh - 2 drops
GH -  2 drops
Ammonia - 0
Phosphate -  0.10
No2 - 0
No3 - 0

I hope this covers everything.

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