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Discus - the BIG apisto LOL

Hi all,
Duh, discus aren't apistos...but have a question that hopefully some will be 
able to help with...and if it's out of line (being non-Apisto), just let me 
know...but it applies to Apistos too.
Came home from work last night...and after sitting at the diningroom table, 
helping my son with his homework...noticed that my discus were acting funny 
in the 55-gallon South American tank...lo and behold, upon closer 
observation, they were spawning on my large anubia coffeefolia.  Had figured 
my turquoise was a female and my pigeon blood was a male just by behavior 
patterns lately, but they seemed kinda young to be spawning (female is about 
5" nose to end of tail and male is barely 4")...and guess in a sense they 
were...since after she dropped an egg or two at each pass over the leaf, the 
male unceremoniously followed up the rear, not to fertilize, but to dine on 
the caviar.  Probably already know the answer to this question...but should 
I let them have a few more goes at spawn attempts and see if he keeps up the 
cannibalism, before trying to move him to another tank and introduce more 
potential mates for her?  Don't want the bond to get too strong if he's 
going to keep this up.  But also want to give him a chance to redeem 
himself. :) Poor bugger, she was looking at the leaf every time she dropped 
an egg, like "where did it go?"  You could almost picture her scratching her 
head in confusion with her long ventrals. LOL Think she finally saw him eat 
them out of the corner of her eye and bopped him a good one in the head, but 
it didn't stop him.  She guarded her empty leaf all night. *sigh* And dopey 
husband of hers did too.
Any clues?
Wendy in Sunnyvale, CA
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