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Re: apisto with intestinal worms

Seeing as how blood worms (midge larvae) are raised in China in a slurry of
either chicken or duck manure, they are definitely not 'clean'.  I stay
clear of 'no name' brands because they seem to contain a lot of midge larvae
that had died prior to freezing.  I don't know the value of the claim on
Hikari frozen food regarding three step sterilization, but I only feed that
brand to my fish.  I do know that last summer when the weather was extremely
hot in southern China, Hikari did not utilize any midge larvae.  There was a
temporary shortage in the stores.  The blood worms from San Francisco Brand
are huge and hairy.  Makes me wonder if they are not a different species.
Also, my fish won't eat them.

I think we've gone through this before in regards to ensuring that frozen
food stays frozen.  These soft bodied bugs decay ultra fast when thawed out.


>Frozen ones are OK!!!...I've never had an infestation of anything from
>frozen anything, nor have any of the other people in my area I've talked
>to..as I understand it frozen food is raised under controlled situations,
>I'm sure a purveyor of frozen food wouldn't be in business for long if they
>were known to carry nasties in their frozen food...especially with the way
>the word can spread today, thanks to the net...live worms or any other food
>taken from a lake or pond could be disasterous in my opinion.
>At 10:18 AM 4/15/00 -0600, you wrote:
>>Aren't blood worms chironomid larvae? Not good news for those who use them
>>Mike Wise

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