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Re: catching krib fry

S. Ong wrote:
> Does anyone have any advice on how to catch fry in a
> community tank.  I tried getting at them but they're
> so small and the plants always get in the
> way...sigh...it's so frustrating...i'll try anything
> at this point!
> thanks again.

I just got a bunch of macmasteri from a planted tank with this old
Two days feeding in an open corner right at the front, with decapsulated
brine shrimp soaked so it sinks right down. Once the female gets used to
leading the fry there, put in a net with a sinking catfish pellet and
leave it there. Check periodically to see when the female leads her fry
right into the net.
Use a tight mesh net or the food falls out, and Momma lead the fry under
Since they are in an open corner, those who don't go into the food-net
are catchable with a second net as you pull out the trap. You won't get
them all, but you may catch 80%.

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