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Re: alternative to bloodworms: earthworms

> George,
> I agree there is no better or cheaper food than earthworms for our
> cichlids etc.  I have never put mine in the freezer, I feed my fish live
> earthworms. Smaller cichlid species I hold the worm and snip it several
> times with scissors to size over the tank.  I know it's terrible and I
> remember the first time I did this I closed my eyes and nearly cut my
> finger off. For any list members in the UK who perhaps don't have a garden
> and unable to collect earthworms if they contact me off list I'll give you
> details of an excellent supplier of organic earthworms. Helen
> helen.burns@bigwig.net

There is no finer fish food. Avoid the ones we call brandlings which 
have yellow bands around the body and exude an acrid yellow fluid 
when handled roughly. The only trouble otherwise is keeping up 
with demand. I'm caring for a Xingu Crenicichla for a friend and it's 
already taking my supplies to crisis point. I like to use a nice flat 
piece of granite or similar to chop it on, or I use my thumb nail.
Leave the sqeamishness to the non-aquarists. It's all they're fit for. 
The only cichlids I've found up to now that have trouble with them 
are Chaetobranchopsis spp.
Pete Liptrot
Bolton Museum Aquarium
Le Mans Crescent, Bolton BL1 1SE
01204 332200

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