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Re: Pelvicachromis taeniatus

Moe Balika wrote:
> We are looking for some advice. We bought 2f, 1m pelvicachromis taeniatus
> "Nyete" at the Detroit ACA last summer. Since then we have tried everything
> to get them to spawn. (ph,hardness, switched females,more water changes
> etc..) The female is always displaying to the male but the male does not pay
> any attention to her at all. Any suggestions?
> Moe & Deb

As Gary said, there's no absolute trick but i may add others tricks.

        Add another male (if the tank is large enough). This may
stimulate competition between the two males. I have a one year old
sexually mature son with my pair of Pv teaniatus moliwe, and i can see
much more coutship displaying from the father than before.
        I know it might be difficult to find another "Nyete" male
        If it's not available may be a male pulcher, which i hope
(somebody can tell ?) won't be able to interbreed, would do the trick.
Try to find a not to big pulcher male so it won't harm your rare
        In the same idea, there's what i call the puppet trick. Some
breeders in England used it with success. You have to draw, paint or
print a color puppet of a male taeniatus in full colour and move it near
the glass of your tank. It will make an harmless sexual competitor for
your male. you just need to have time playing with the puppet.
        The parallel tank goes for the same. Having your Nyete tank side
by side with another Pelvicachiomis tank may induce response of your
male if he can see another Pelvicachromis male displaying in sight

Hoping that this may help..
but patience is a virtue :-)

dreaming of various taeniatus colour forms  

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