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Gray or banded Pelvicachromis taeniatus

Hi all,

Still looking to learn more about Pv taeniatus, i've a  (tricky ?)
question for those who have a bigger experience with these fish than i

I'm daily watching my last brood of Pv taeniatus moliwe in their growing
tank (10 gal fully planted with 5 AUS growing there too).
They are 20, soon reaching 4 months, and i'm beginning to be able to sex
I'm wondering because i can see two different global colouring with
these fishes.
There's a gray form without any band which is beginning to show the
violet colour for the males and the more visible scales on the flanks.
There's a banded "taeniatus" form which shows a plain black band on the
flank and  golden gray colour under.
I can find females in both groups.

I know that some Pv pulcher have a dominant and a dominated colour form
among their males, but i can't see any more dominating colour in my
I witness that in my bigger tank, the dominated male shows the dark band
when he's stressed by the other one but becomes more violet gray when he
is not bothered.
I cannot see any group of colour dominating the other in my population.

So, does anybody here witnessed a smilar thing and have any idea about
it ?


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