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Re: Nannacara taenia

Thanks Kathy,
This is somewhat of a relief to know there is hope that the female at least
will be protective.  I have just removed the tetras from the tank.  I think
now the only real threat to any "fry" would be the Angels in the tank.  If
fry appear the Angels will be removed.  To be honest I cannot tell the sexes
apart in this species, I don't have a clue as to which fish is the "daddy"
as there is never one that remains near the spawning site.  It never rains
but it pours as I notice there is another Taenia peeping out of a small pot.
Also the Uaru pair are about to "do the business."  It's all go in this
hobby and keeps us on our toes or in my case on my knees!  I have everything
crossed hoping there will be fry in the coming days.

> I had these guys and they did a good job parenting.  I did not remove the
> fry or even the other pair in the tank.  I had two pair in the twenty
> gallon with lots of jave fern and bog wood.
> I did lose some fry to the other pair, but still raised plenty of fry.
> I would watch them and see how your pair does, or remove the male but
> leave the female.  I usually give them a chance to raise fry first, then
> if they fail and I really want fry ASAP then I siphon the fry out, or pull
> the parents.
> Good luck, they are cool fish.  I love the spawning colors.
> Kathy

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