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RE: Oneliners.....

> move them out of quarantine this morning to make room for a A.borellii
> fem.and her eggs.I moved the clay saucer with the eggs and 
> mom into the 10g
> bare tank with a clump of java moss.I wonder if she will find 
> her eggs in a
> different tank?It's an experiment,I never tried this 
> before.The previous
> spawns were all eaten.
> I kept the pair borellii's in a 10g planted species tank with 
> two pigmy
> corries.I suspect the male was the fry eater.
> Max

OK, before I say anything let me stress that this response is in no way
meant to be aggressive, argumentative, cheeky or insulting like many I've
seen on the list recently.

It may have been easier to remove the male and Corydoras to increase your
chances of getting a successful spawn.

I once moved a female N.anomala and her eggs as she had spawned in a large
community tank and she was quite happy and continued to look after the eggs.

If you put a sign beside the saucer which says
she will definately find them.

Have a nice day,

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