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RE: Mystery cichlid.

Max and All,

Well, Mike was able to send some photos of the fish in question and the fish 
were identified as A. resticulosa.  At least that's what my friend and I 
have agreed on.  Max, if you could send those picts, I'd like to keep a copy 
on file on the computer for future reference.  The picture on Horste and 
Linke were not accurate.  Thanks everyone.


>From: "Max Gallade" <m.gallade@jdneuhaus.com>
>Reply-To: apisto@majordomo.pobox.com
>To: <apisto@majordomo.pobox.com>
>Subject: RE: Mystery cichlid.
>Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 09:10:55 -0400
>The results of my little borellii experiment are in:
>Yes they can read,unfortunately my female misread the sign that I put up
>as "All you can eat caviar" :(.I learned my lesson.
>Anyone that like to see my A.cf.resticulosa pix please e-mail me privately.

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